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Recumbent Exercise Bikes Are A Good Choice For Exercise Programs

Recumbent exercise bikesRecumbent Exercise Bikes Are A Good Choice For Exercise Programs

Recumbent exercise bikes are exercise bikes that offer riders a low impact form of workout that won’t hurt your back like some other types of exercise. You ride a recumbent exercise bike by sitting with your back against the back frame and your legs are outstretched in front of you. This is easier on your system than riding an upright version of exercise bikes.

You sit on an upright version of an exercise bike just as if you were riding a regular bike. You have the option of standing while pedaling or you can remain seated or even lean forward. One type of upright bike that gives a good workout and that can be found in classes is a spinning bike.

Recumbents come in several brands and styles

Recumbent bicycles come in several different brands and styles. Recumbent bikes are made by Schwinn, as well as several other well-known companies. You can find out about what are the best recumbent bikes by going on the manufacturer’s websites, bike forums, or websites that offer bike reviews on all sorts of bikes, both exercise and touring.

These are written by real owners who have bought the product and are giving their own opinions on its value. Some review sites like Consumer Reports rates several products against each other and can show you the pros and cons of each of the popular brands. Or, you can look it up on and see how many stars that the buyers give the exercise bike you desire.

Exercise Bikes Can Be Found For Every Budget

Even if you have a low budget, it is possible you can find a recumbent exercise bike by looking for models on clearance, at a gym that is selling off last year’s gear, or you can look for a used exercise bike at yard sales, craigslist, eBay, or newspaper or Internet ads. Just be sure to look a used bike over very carefully to be sure that it is in good working order before you buy it.

While some recumbent or other forms of exercise bikes are more than $1,000 in cost, there are several good models that cost less than $500 and there are even a few brands below that, especially if you buy a used one to save money.

All in all, recumbent exercise bikes are a good form of exercise and you can find one in your budget range.

Doctors often recommend them for starting a good exercise program since they offer a good low impact riding experience. If you want a more intense workout, be sure to choose a bike that has several settings for resistance or speeds.

If you want a great recumbent bikes, you should also be sure to read the bike reviews on all the latest brands and popular models. This way you won’t be wasting your money on buying the wrong bike, because if you do that it will just sit around and gather dust instead of helping you to get into shape and be a healthier person use recumbent exercise bikes.