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Cardiovascular Exercise is Heart Healthy

Cardiovascular ExerciseThe definition of cardiovascular exercise is any sort of physical exercise that gets your heart rate going at the rate of between 60 and 85 percent of your maximum heart rate for a period of about 20 minutes or more.

You can do some research and pick the best cardio exercise for your body type. The best cardio exercise that you can do is any of the above or other examples of activity that gets the heart rate to the appropriate levels.

What is Cardiovascular Exercise?

Cardiovascular exercises are also called aerobic exercises. These types of exercise get the heart going and then the lungs pump more and you need more oxygen and your muscles have to work harder.  Cardiovascular training makes you have to develop cardiovascular endurances so your body can handle the intensity of the exercises.

Cardio benefits can include getting your heart in shape and helping your body get better at using oxygen. When you have a stronger heart, it doesn’t have to pump so hard to get blood throughout the body and so it is not straining to work right. These fitness benefits help your heart to stay “younger” and thus you have a stronger body in general.

Types of Cardiovascular Exercises

Some of the types of aerobic exercise are fast walking, stair climbing, swimming, bike riding, or even things like sports games, yoga, or high intensity sex can be considered cardiovascular exercises. You can pick from many a different cardio routine or even join a class or buy a weight loss cardio video to use in your workout.

A cardio exercise video is easy to find, as many top trainers put them out for sale. You can find them online in many stores or even get them second hand on craigslist or eBay if you want to save money. The best exercise video is the one that you will actually follow and so you should pick one that you like or one from a trainer you admire.

Cardio is Great for Weight Loss

Another vital benefit of cardiovascular exercise is that it helps you burn more calories and thus you get a cardio weight loss and do cardio for fat loss. The intensity of cardiovascular exercise helps you to burn fat for energy and this helps you to lose the weight faster.

As to the frequency of cardio exercises, you should do them at least for 60 minutes three or four times a week for best results. The best time to do cardio exercising is in the mornings so you will be more energized for the rest of your day.

Getting in some weight loss training through doing cardio workouts will help you to not only lose fat and weight, but you will also be healthier too. Doing cardio exercise to lose belly fat is also possible and will help you to reach your weight loss goal faster than some of the other types of workouts.

Cardiovascular exercise also help to reduce stress and give you more energy overall. It also helps your brain to be smarter and gives you more self esteem and a better self image. So, that means it is healthy for you in many ways.