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Bicycle trainer Turns Regular Bike Into Exercise Bike

Bicycle trainer Turns Regular Bike Into Exercise Bike

Bike TrainerA bike trainer is gear that can be attached to a regular bicycle to turn it into an indoor stationary bike trainer that you ride like an exercise bike. This can be great for people who normally like to ride their bike outside, but inclement weather is preventing them from doing so. You can fit most standard bikes to a bike trainer.

A bike trainer is made up of a special frame, as well as a clamp to fasten the bicycle to and a roller pressed up onto the bike’s rear tire and old the bicycle securely, a roller that presses up against the rear wheel, and some sort of method to give resistance when the rider pedals the bike.

Bicycle Trainers Come in Several Styles

You can buy a bicycle trainer that fits onto several styles of bikes. This equipment is especially popular with bike racers who like to exercise on their bikes indoors while watching television or reading to get in some extra exercise. These indoor trainers can be purchased in sporting goods style stores or online.

Wind Bike Trainer

One of the types of bike trainers is a wind bike trainer.  Wind trainers have a roller that runs a fan that then creates resistance through the air passing over the fan blades. The fan is powered by the rider pumping the pedals, so the faster the person pedals, the more resistance they make. This is the cheapest kind of bike trainer that you can get for your bicycle, but are also said to be the loudest.

Magnetic Bike Trainer

A magnetic trainer uses a magnetic fly wheel to form the resistance and is a bit more pricy than wind trainers, as well as fairly noisy. You have the advantage of being able to adjust the resistance on some magnetic trainers. These are said to sometimes break down faster than other types of trainer bicycle.

Fluid Bike Trainers

Fluid trainers are bike trainers that have chambers filled with liquid that makes the resistance. Their mechanism also uses a magnetic flywheel. One reported issue according to bike trainer reviews is that the bike tends to heat up, which produces friction that  makes the chambers of fluid expand and contract and could eventually cause a break in the seal so that the fluid leaks out. These are the least noisy, but are the most expensive.

Centrifuge  Bike Trainers

These bike trainers use centrifuge pressure to make their resistance through the movement of ball bearing and a pressure plate and are also very expensive to buy. However, they can have the resistance modified by the rider.

Utilitarian Bike Trainers

The trainer is powered by a generator, or in some cases it can actually be used to spin laundry at the same time as you work out. This kind takes someone with very strong leg muscles to be able to pedal it.

Virtual Reality Bike Trainer

With this type of trainer your bike is attached to a computer simulator with the bike frame and wheels hooked into it. The rider will chose the program and can simulate riding a bike through a virtual world of their own creation. This is a very expensive kind of bike trainer.

Advantages of Bike Trainers

An indoor stationary bike trainer has several advantages to riding a bike outdoors. First, you can avoid problems with weather, traffic or dogs, and you can also simulate road conditions like hills or straight-a-ways. A road bike trainer is better for someone getting ready for a race than using a regular exercise bike because it gives them a more realistic feel to their experience since the body is held the same way as riding a normal bike.

These indoor trainers can be fitted to just about any sort of bike, but you can’t use it with knobby tires, it has to have slick tires that can fit into the roller mechanism. In order to find the best bike trainer, you may need to evaluate what kind of exercise or training you need and how much money you have in your budget, as they run normally between about $70 and $400.

The bottom line is that a bike trainer can help you to use your own bike as an exercise bike and so can save you money, as well as help you to get into shape.