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Magnetic Exercise Bike Provides Fitness For Users

Magnetic Exercise Bike Provides Fitness For Users

When it comes to choosing a fitness bike, one of the types is a magnetic exercise bike. How does this resistance method differ from other kinds of the best exercise bikes?

Types of Exercise Bike Resistance

Magnetic Exercise BikeExercise bikes can have several types of resistance methods, including: direct tension, air resistance, and the resistance a magnetic exercise bike provides. The first type of resistance needs the user to use a kind of mechanical brake like the brakes on a regular touring bike, while air resistance is provided by a series of fans that cause resistance by cutting through the air, and then there is the magnetic exercise type of home fitness bicycle.

What is a Magnetic Exercise Bike?

A magnetic resistance bike uses a magnet’s ability to repel and attract in order to cause resistance. The rider controls the current through the magnets via a flywheel. These kinds of bikes are very quiet, and they are easier to use. However, they are more expensive than other kinds of exercise bike.

When an electric current runs through some magnets, it makes them attract to each other similar to how an electromagnet picks up metal in a junk yard. When a rider uses a magnetic exercise bike they peddle to turn a flywheel, and the faster they pedal, the more resistance is created with the electricity going through the magnets.

What are the advantages of a Magnetic Exercise Bike?

One great advantage is that you can easily change the resistance just by pushing a button while you are working out. You don’t have to stop, get off or make any manual adjustments. Plus, you can even use the program settings and the bike will change the resistance as you pedal without you having to do a thing.

It can simulate hills, flat ground, sprints, etc and change the resistance as you pedal. This makes it a good choice for a stamina exercise bike. Another pro is that some higher priced magnetic exercise bikes have their own generator, which means you don’t even have to plug it into an electric socket to get it to work.

Types of Magnetic Exercise Bikes

You can buy either an upright magnetic exercise bike or a magnetic recumbent bike. Recumbent cycles let you lean back and put your legs out straight and provide a different sort of workout than the upright version.

An example of  a best recumbent exercise bike according to exercise bike reviews is the ProForm VR980, with the ProForm GL105 being considered in best exercise bikes reviews as the best in the upright style of exercise bikes. Another well ranked magnetic exercise bike is the stamina fusion 4545 magnetic exercise bike.

Where can I buy a magnetic exercise bike?

If you are interested in buying this kind of exercise bike, you can find a list of magnetic exercise bike suppliers online within a magnetic exercise bike directory. In this same way, you can also find a listing of magnetic exercise bike exporters or magnetic exercise bike manufacturers.